The JH House is a work of interior design that is based on the idea of continuous and diaphanous space, where the separating elements have been reduced to the minimum expression and the number of materials used has been simplified to emphasize the wood as the main protagonist of the intervention. Oak was chosen, noble and gentle when worked on, it adds elegance to the home.

Thanks to the sobriety in the use of materials and the discreet arrangement of the furniture, a unification of the entire space is achieved, which denotes simplicity, purity and a sense of comfort that would not be possible without wood. Quoting Adolf Loos; ornament is a crime and its absence is a sign of strength and modernity. The beauty resides intrinsically in the materials without decorations or accessories.

Author Gallego Arquitectura     |     Architect Xavier Gallego     |     Location Montbrió del Camp     |     Promoter Privat     |     Installations Josep M. Delmuns     |     Collaborators Armand Pons, Michele Terlizzi     |     Builder Eduard Guasch     |      Year 2021-2022     |      Area 78 m2      |     Photography OGomez estudio, Oriol Gómez