objectives and strategies

Our aim is to find solutions that are sensitive to people, adapting ourselves to the socio-economic conditions of each person and their projected environment.

As an architecture studio, we provide our interventions with strategies aimed at making users the protagonists of our projects.

We provide answers and solutions based on the simplicity and utility of the spaces, using nearby materials that give meaning to the function and form of the architecture.

gallegoarquitectura was born in 2015 in the town of Riudoms. Then we opened an studio in the Redessa business centre in Reus and since 2020 we have been located in the city centre of Reus, Prim Square, 10.

At present, the architecture studio has the experience of eleven professionals in the field of architecture. A multi-disciplinary team prepared to take on all types of projects.


Armand Pons Architect | Aleix Llorenç Architect | Sònia Gonzalez Architect | Sergi Pinyol Architect | Michele Terlizzi Architect | Marc Roca Architect


Josep M. Delmuns Engineer     |     Iñaki Cacho Technical architect     |     Aleix Sanz Technical architect     |     Josep Cruset Technical architect     |     Maria Escoda Technical architect     |     Josep Lluís Serven Structurer     |     Àfrica Caserras Structurer     |     Albert Pujol Structurer     |     Windmill Structurer     |     Jordi Dalmau Topography     |     Geotec Geotechnical studies     |     Mediterrànea Geoserveis SL – Joan Racasens Geotechnical studies     |     Enric Vilalta Archaeological studies     |     Anna Zahonero Landscape studies     |     Vanessa Niubó Architect     |      Toni Ferré Architect     |Ivan Fernandez Architect     |     Jesús Martín Architect     |     Albert Ferré Architect     |     Joan Ferré Architect     |     Eloi Camacho Architect     |     Josep Ferrando Architect     |     David Recio Architect     |     Gabriel Bosques Architect     |     Oriol Llaurador Architect                            


International architecture competition Archmedium Finalista Camelot reserch & visitors center

International architecture competition Archmedium Menció París Market Lab

Guardons anells de la fusta Gremi de la fusta Guardonat interiorisme treball amb fusta Cafeteria la Raval

Awards Egurtek Menció interiorisme Cafeteria la Raval

Guardons anells de la fusta Gremi de la fusta Guardonat interiorisme treballa amb fusta Cafeteria la Raval

Public competition 1st prize Centre Social El Roser

2nd prize Cap Jesús

Finalist Residencia d’avis a L’Hospitalet del infant Vandellós


Guardons Anells de la Fusta Coworking studeo


Winners Rambla Catalunya Tortosa City Council

Finalist Pavelló el Molinet in Reus

Finalist XII Bienal Alejandro de la sota category of rehabilitation -Casa FB

Winners XII Bienal Alejandro de la Sota category of rehabilitation – Centre social el Roser

Finalist Premis FAD – Centre social el Roser

Previous studies Faculty of Medicine in Reus

Finalist school el Roser a El Poal

Finalist Catalunya construction prizes – Centre social el Roser

Xavier Gallego Seuba

Imatge Pla Mig Curt personal Xavi Gallego

about me

Architect with a degree from Ramon Llull University in Barcelona.

He has worked in the architecture and urban planning area of Reus City Council during his architectural studies.

He spent a period at the Federal University of Architecture and Urban Planning of Viçosa  (UFV) in Brazil, with a scholarship from IASESTE. He worked there as a collaborating professor in the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning, teaching the subjects of Projects and Urban Planning.

He has also worked in the urban habitat department of the Barcelona City Council, specifically in the office of the head architect with Vicenç Guallart, Dr. Architect Jaume Barnada and architect Montse Domínguez.

He has collaborated in the office of the architect Gabriel Bosques.

He has collaborated in the office of the architect Joan Tous.