The project is carried out in a multi-family building between medians, located in the old center of the town, the original building dates before 1900 and is the result of a cluster of old houses with complex geometries.

The intervention affects several floors of the building. The first floor is L-shaped and is the result of joining two houses, from different periods, these are linked by an interior courtyard that will allow the day and night program to be linked.
The parking lot is located on the ground floor and the attic on the second floor.

The architectural proposal aims to clearly divide two areas, night and day area, these are articulated, forming a well of light that will articulate the pieces and avoid corridors.
The intervention is carried out by combining the use of original materials with current materials with the aim of highlighting the original architecture.
The day area aims to show the memory of the past, maintaining the ceramic vaulted ceiling with metal structure, the hydraulic pavement and the catalan vaulted staircase, under the concept of stripping the building.

On the ground floor, there are two skylights, making the negative between them with respect to the first floor slab.
The first skylight has a more relevant presence, it introduces light into the entire day area and natural ventilation, it is the main protagonist of the plant.
The second skylight, or stair cap, with wood and polycarbonate, has the opposite purpose of the inner courtyard and acts as an attic lantern.
The night area coincides with the spaces of less activity and greater comfort.
It intervenes in an integral way, the intervention is totally neutral and not at all the protagonist in relation to the day area.

The aim is to simplify the spaces as much as possible, opening up the floor plan looking for cross views and expanding the spatial relationship.
The intervention consists of maintaining those architectural elements that contextualize the building with the past.

Author Gallego Arquitectura | Architect Xavier Gallego | Location Riudoms | Promoter Privat | Installations Josep M. Delmuns | Structure Àfrica Caserras | Technical architect | Collaborator architectr Vanessa Niubó | Collaborators Armand Pons, Michele Terlizzi, Ingrid Bru | Builder | Year 2019-2021 | Area 225 m2