Gallego Arquitectura Study is an exercise in minimums, in subtraction, the interior space is stripped away leaving the original structure visible, the space is freed from its limits and the original carpentry is restored, transferring the outside rhythm to the inside.

This is how you work in a neutral space, where light is the main element, taking advantage of the good orientation of what is available.

This homogeneity, together with the continuous microcement pavement, achieve a fluid and dynamic space that allows a changing distribution depending on the needs.

For the furniture, choose pine wood furniture, low in the work spaces and high in the storage area, which bring warmth to the space.

Author Gallego Arquitectura | Architect Xavier Gallego | Location Reus | Promoter Privat | Collaborators Aleix Llorenç, Armand Pons | Builder Vinyols Rehabilitacions | Year 2021  | Area 45,20 m2