The proposal aims to recover the potential of the old bed of the Barranc in the Montserrat neighborhood, so that the residents can colonize this space and be able to enjoy it.

The solution adopted maintains the sense of the existing circulation, allowing circulation and above all adapting to the uses of pedestrian and bicycle circulation.

In order to look for a human scale throughout the whole, a reinforced concrete base is projected that is repeated throughout the walk.

The aim is to remove the architectural barriers, guarantee their durability over time and improve the functioning of this residual space.

Author Gallego Arquitectura     |     Architect Xavier Gallego     |     Location Reus     |     Promoter Privat     |     Installations Josep M. Delmuns    |     Technical architect     |     Collaborators Armand Pons, Ingrid Bru, Aleix Llorenç, Sònia Gonzalez     |     Builder Cal Paleta SL     |      Year 2021-2022    |      Area 99.5 m2