The project includes the facade of a multi-family house which has air and moisture leakage problems.
These pathologies, detected during various inspections, are caused by the lack of insulation in the facade envelope, as well as by problems in the tightness of the closing parts.
It is proposed to deal with these pathologies with the incorporation of a continuous insulation type with a monolayer finish.

The solution proposed in this project has been demonstrating its effectiveness in facade renovations over the past few years.
By using continuous insulation outside the envelope, we ensure that thermal bridges are minimized, as well as condensation produced inside due to the temperature difference between the enclosures and the interior space.

Author Gallego Arquitectura | Architect Xavier Gallego | Location Reus | Promoter Privat | Collaborators Armand Pons, Aleix Llorenç, Sònia González, Michele Terlizzi | Year 2022-2023 | Area 514 m2 (facade)